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The new view

Photographers know that if you want a new perspective then all you have to do is change the lens. Viewing life through the same lens captures only part of the story. We only see the part of the image that shows up in our viewfinder. Changing the lens or adding a filter reveals something new, a new frame, bringing into sharp focus those aspects of life that may have been previously hidden.

The changed conditions that society and the world of work have faced during the coronavirus outbreak have forced us all to change our lens, seeing different perspectives, shifting certain priorities. For some these changes will be a fundamental and complete change of lens, loosing a loved one or the loss of a much needed job that they thought was safe. For others the changes have been less life changing, but still acute, like having to learn the discipline of remote working or keeping six feet apart whilst queuing to get into Sainsburys. And we've all faced them together.

Reflecting on these changes, and how they have affected us, both individually and collectively, is a strong platform for our own learning and development. Talking about how the change of lens has impacted us is both good for us and those around us. It helps us to grow again.

As the world around us starts to return to work our new lens will come with us, allowing us to view the way that we work in a different way. We will question old habits and set new ones. We will change.

The crucial moment will come when, and if, we step back through the door of our workplaces and look around us through our new lens. When that happens we should take time to stop, share our new views, talk about the things that are now in sharp focus about the way that we want to live and work and build a new workplace that is fit for our current and future needs.

And we will do this by creating space for dialogue.

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