Nick Skinner was inspired to set up Poppyfish in 2012 to prove to his kids that life is what you make it and to fulfil a career dream of helping business capitalise on the potential of the human in the system. Our work since has been varied and challenging - but always rewarding. Our combined experience and our access to a growing number of high quality associates and learning partners has allowed us to work successfully as coaches, consultants, trainers , facilitators and leaders of learning and behaviour change for many individuals, teams and businesses. 

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and impactful work.

Nick Skinner
Lead Consultant
Stephen Jarrett
Associate - Behaviour

Nick is the founder of Poppyfish and has developed leadership and coaching programmes, talent initiatives and bespoke learning packages for clients across many industries, working both in the UK and overseas. Nick has facilitated hundreds of learning workshops, team engagement sessions, focus group style events and project managed change programmes in the public and private sectors. Nick is an expert in decision making in critical incidents and is fascinated by human behaviour in the workplace. Nick has an MSc in People and Organisational Development and an MBA with distinction from the University of Hertfordshire. He is the author of three books on behaviour in business and is currently working on a fourth book on the topic of group facilitation.

Since 2018 Nick has led a programme of facilitator training for a leading FTSE100 business and has experience of creating guiding principles and practices for facilitation of remote and hybrid teams. He commonly facilitates strategic team events, workshops and away days and provides coaching to support leadership teams.

Stephen is a specialist in change, HR, OD and strategy and is also a qualified life coach and CBT counsellor. A founding thinker behind the SPECTRUM behaviour profile and EvaluationStore.com, Stephen published his first book “Across the Spectrum” in 2017 and followed this with the three volume  “Blood, Sweat and Tears: How to Succeed in Business” in 2018, a book which he co-authored with Nick Skinner. Stephen is an expert facilitator who has also worked as an ER manager, ER caseworker, HR manager, HR director and L&D manager. Always busy, Stephen is also a qualified sports therapist and has helped footballers and business people alike with mental health stress and wellbeing. 

Stephen excels in 1-to-1 coaching engagements with managers wanting to unlock their own potential, and understand those around them, placing a key focus on relationships and behaviour to drive individual and team performance. This support can be especially useful for newly appointed managers 

Richard Clarke
Associate - Wargaming 

Richard is an internationally renowned designer and developer of conflict based simulations and historical wargames. His background is in people management and career development, working for many years in a learning and development capacity for a London based  Blue Chip group before establishing and running his own successful search and selection business.

At Poppyfish, Richard is active in the design and delivery of strategy exercises and is a key facilitator for business war-games and decision making exercises.