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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The best meals are caringly prepared using the finest ingredients.  It is the combination of diverse tastes, colours and textures that make for the most enjoyable experience.


And just like any great meal, a great team has a diverse blends of skills, behaviours and people, working together inclusively. At Poppyfish we are committed to supporting your inclusion and diversity strategies and will work with you to design and deliver a programme that is fit for your specific needs.


We can start with simply understanding the diversity levers of your business, be they ethnicity, gender, social mobility, age or another area. We will help you to articulate what successful inclusion will look like, and help you to define whether this is across the whole business or just for specific functions.


We will help you to identify your strengths and establish a programme that is led from the top and which includes metrics to enable you to set and measure progress. Along the way we will work with your people to foster an inclusive culture and mindset, and give your people the tools they need to learn from others and to keep inclusion and diversity high on your organisation’s agenda. 


It’s a tasty prospect. 


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