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Our online team workshops create alignment and engagement.

There's never been a more testing time to lead a team

Engaging a team that is working remotely or in a hybrid fashion is testing. Homeworking comes with a set of unique demands that mean each team member has a different set of disruptions to manage.  Communications become even more important, and even more difficult. It’s hard to read body language online, making team wellbeing even more important that ever. And, on top of all that, the business needs the team to be sharper than ever as it creates the ‘new normal’. It’s never been more difficult to lead a team. 


The good news is that help is at hand. Our remote team engagement workshops bring your team together to share the challenges, clarify goals and generate action focused engagement. In just one three hour session our experienced and qualified facilitators can get the team feeling more purposeful, more energised, and more connected. It’s action focused, it’s created to suite your team, can be delivered over your platform of choice, and it won’t break the budget.


Relax. We’ve got this.

How does it work?

Our online workshops can be delivered through your normal online meeting tool, all you need to do is invite us to your meeting and our facilitators will do the rest. Our online whiteboard of choice is Miro, an intuitive, secure and well structured tool that allows access to the entire team whilst keeping voice and video comms open in the main meeting. Our facilitators will keep everything simple, and will have already worked with you to design the workshop content that you need to fit the goals of the session. At the end of the workshop, the outputs from these exercises will be available to download and keep as part of your action plan. All exercises are tailored for your team and created with your input.

Remote Teams

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