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Strategy Exercises 

Business wargames, decision making exercises and strategy workshops use real world scenarios to engage and develop leaders and to challenge and define strategy. All of our exercises can be created and delivered remotely and across multiple timezones. 

We have never lived in a more volatile and complex world. Progressive leaders are using business wargaming methodologies to assess the strategic and operational readiness of their business, both in terms of how to cope with pandemic and how to be best placed for when restrictions are lifted. The post-pandemic world will be different to the world be knew before. The wargaming approach challenges existing thinking and provide leadership teams with a credible exercise that scrutinises decision making, exposes weakspots and creates real space for operationally specific learning. They are the ultimate challenge to existing thinking. Quite simply, wargames argue back. 

Our business wargames are designed with your input and include full bespoke scenario design, event facilitation and post-exercise review to ensure that no learning opportunity is missed. And if you are new to the wargaming approach don’t worry. Our team have the skills and experience to design and deliver what you need. Indeed, working closely with you during the planning stage is an important factor in producing a quality outcome. 

Wargames are individual, take time to create and the duration and content vary. But they are, without doubt, an exceptional way of developing your leadership team and future proofing your business. And they are simply superb for spotlighting talent in your team. 

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