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Teams & Groups

Great things happen when people come together, and whilst we know that face to face meetings are not possible at this time, there is still a huge amount that can be done remotely.


More and more people are moving to online and remote tools to facilitate their teams. What skills are needed to manage and engage people working remotely? How can you create meaningful online team collaborations and virtual workshops that maintain engagement and energy? 


We know that people see more value in things that they create for themselves. Poppyfish facilitated workshops allow people to tackle the important issues creatively and with energy. These workshops build engagement at all levels and make people realise that their views count.

Output from these sessions can be astounding. In just one day teams can generate more productive outputs than they might otherwise see in a whole month of meetings.

We have worked internationally and with groups across many sectors, and have experience of supporting people working in virtual teams to give them the tools and skills that they need to make their time online more meaningful and productive.

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