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Welcome to Poppyfish

Welcome to Poppyfish. We are a UK based team of organisational development professionals. Since 2012 we have worked as coaches, consultants, trainers , facilitators and leaders of learning and behaviour change for many individuals, teams and businesses.

In a nutshell, we help our clients align people performance with organisation performance. We do this in many different industry sectors, including technical services, information technology, scientific research, start-ups and construction. We don’t spend much on marketing, instead, our growth has been through word of mouth and personal recommendation. We think that is important.

We are guided by the simple principle that the best people build the best businesses. In a world increasingly driven by technical development and big data, workplaces remain a human environment. The performance of your business depends massively upon the talents, motivations and behaviours of the people that work within it.

We want to see those people at their best, in a space where their talents shine.

To work with Poppyfish is to recognise that each of us has our own dreams, aspirations and desires, and that if we can tap into this rich vein of motivation then we can all fly. We believe in building lasting relationships and would love to share our thinking with you.

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