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Miro, Miro, on the wall

Like many businesses, Poppyfish has been adapting to a changing world, reshaping and reimagining our services to offer you the support you deserve at a time when we know you need it most. As much of our work involves group work and facilitation, we have been seeking a product that enables us to have creative white boarding to support our remote activities.

We have found our answer in Miro. Miro offers a simple to use limitless whiteboard that allows groups to work flexibly and creatively. By pasting a link into the chatbox of a meeting, all participants can join together in one 'live' space where they can create stickies and work together - all without leaving the main voice chat. Because the whiteboard is limitless in size, we haven't yet found a way to break it, and the feedback we've had from groups has been brilliant. One feature that clients especially like is the ease with which the board can still be accessed after the event has finished and that the outputs can be exported as a PDF, meaning they can be shared far and wide with ease.

Although it is easy to use, we know that people still feel nervous about using something new like this and so with take things in baby steps and keep things simple. If desired, we will happily have a 20 minute miro-warm up ahead pf any session for people who want to take some time to feel more familiar with the tool.

We will be using Miro as our tool of choice for all interactive workshops, and look forward to using it to help you create the new normal!


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